About our work

Love and Care - Jyambere Mwana is a local NGO that promotes the Inclusion of People with Disabilities especially children in Rwanda. The vision of the project is to see the Rwandan Society in which people are treated with Equality, Dignity and Respect, with equal opportunity to express themselves and participate in society where abilitiesare valued rather than disabilities.

What problems do People with Disabilities face in Rwanda?

The National Union of Disabilities ’Organizations of Rwanda (NUDOR) has proven strong discrimination against People with Disabilities in many different categories. Above all, people with disabilities often lack access to education and, as a result, to the labor market... Furthermore, access to good health care and social benefits is considerably limited. In addition, there is often a lack of infrastructure in Rwanda, especially in rural regions, which makes it difficult to fully participate in life in society. Finally, there is the constant stigmatization by society, which often stands in the way of the acceptance and inclusion of People with Disabilities. Read more

How does Love and Care improve the lives of People with Disabilities?

The organization is committed to the wellbeing of People with Disabilities especially children, their families and/ or their care-givers in general, through inclusiveness, physiotherapeutic care, education and social support. To achieve the goal of improving the lives of people with disabilities, Love and Care offers a variety of activities... First of all, there is an inclusive nursery class in the center every day. There, children with and without disabilities learn together and are prepared for their further education in a playful way. Physiotherapy for children with disabilities is also provided every day, in the center and at their home for children who can hardly reach the center, through a Program of home visits The mothers of the children organize themselves in four group associations and can thus practice peer counceling. They also cultivate two pieces of land provided by Love and Care in order to be able to ensure a balanced diet for their children. Read more


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