The idea of Jyambere Mwana is born
It was founded by Sally Ann Warkentin, also known as Jessica, from the USA, with a caring heart. Jessica had come to Rwanda for a charitable mission of her Organization Jessie’s Place. With a small beginning Jessica started to visit families of children with disabilities with Leandre Hakizima and later on with Eric Irakoze. This visits aimed at doing home based physio therapies as well as evaluating their living condition and providing social support from Jessie’s place.


Founding of Jyambere Mwana
Throughout these visits it was noticed that disabled people are a large minority group, mostly living in isolation, segregation and poverty, who are in need of charity and even pity towards restoring their dignity. After 8 months, this initiative tended to become an organization and was named Jyambere Mwana, which means, ”Raise up dear child” as hopeful and self-esteeming name.

Founding of the group associations
Parents of these children were united into self-supporting groups with members who help and comfort each other, so they can get rid of poverty and contribute to the wellbeing of their children, families and the entire community in general. They regularly started contributing small amount on weekly basis which led them to hiring fields for agriculture. Also they do small arts and hand crafts boosted by a financial support from Jessie’s Place.
Jyambere Mwana also has an office where children with disabilities are brought for physiotherapy and eating a balanced diet since most of them suffered malnutrition.


Love and Care becomes an NGO
Jyambere Mwana changes the name to become "Love and Care". The intention behind this was that the mission should not only target children but also their parents/careers and other persons with disabilities in general. In this year Love Care graduated from a mere team to a Local Non-Government Organization aiming to widen its services.


Jessica continued to head this organization wholeheartedly, with technical and financial support until her last breath on 17th of September, 2020. After her death Eric became the Legal Representative up to now. Him and rest of the team are still carrying the vision of Jessica in closer collaboration of Jessie’s Place and Friends of Rwanda from Germany as well.