Our Work

Love and Care exists with the agenda of caring for and improving the well-being of people with disabilities, as well as building the capacity of their families and/or caregivers towards positive and all-inclusive impact, sustainable development and self-reliance. To ensure a full attention, equality, dignity and respect towards people with disabilities, Love and Care works with Government Agencies, District Hospitals, Local Health Centers, Community Health Workers and other institutions within and without the country

Our Fields of Work

  1. Health and Community Based Physiotherapy
  2. Education and Inclusiveness
  3. Socialization and Entertainment
  4. Socioeconomic Development
  5. Promoting the stability an sustainability of the Organization under "Together for Inclusiveness and Transformation Program"

Core Values

Love and Care as a non-governmental organization and working with various stakeholders both in Rwanda and abroad, has a set of values ​​to achieve in order to achieve its objectives in a professional, cooperative, relevant, trustworthy and excellent manner. These values ​​are adopted and practiced by the organization team and are the following:

Love and Care: Sympathy and empathy are our ever attitudes

Respect: We treat all people with dignity and respect.

Inclusiveness: We discourage stigmatization and any form of partiality on any basis.

Integrity: We strive to meet the highest ethical standards

Innovation: We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity and change

Teamwork: We hold on better together collaboration for unity in diversity.

Excellence: Deliver the highest‐quality products and services in all endeavors

Our Objectives

Objective 1: To promote Health and Community Based Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities particularly children.

Objective 2: To reinforce the quality of Education and Inclusiveness for both Children with and without disabilities.

Objective 3: To endorse Socialization and Entertainment of PWDs in the community.

Objective 4: To enhance Socioeconomic Development of PWDs, their families & caregivers and the local community as well.

Objective 5: To establish the permanent center for stability and sustainability of Love and Care services.

Our Vision

To see the Rwandan Society in which people are treated with equality, dignity and respect, with equal opportunity to express themselves and participate in society where abilities are valued rather than disabilities.

Our Mission

To promote the wellbeing of people with disabilities especially children, their families and /or their caregivers in general, through inclusiveness, therapeutic care, education and social support.


Identification of children with disabilities in the area.

Regular Physiotherapy at the center.

providing a meal to children with disabilities at least twice a week to fight malnutrition.

Grouping mothers of children with disabilities in self-supporting groups.

Boosting income generating activities for these groups such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Domestic animal breeding
  • Handcrafts initiatives

Training mothers of children with disabilities in:

  • Tailoring to create income
  • Hygene and Sanitation
  • Preparation of an afordable balanced diet

Doing regular home visits to families of children with disabilities for physiotherapy, assessment on social condition of living, guidance and assistance.

Payment of Health Insurance to Children with disabilities

Providing a place where children with disabilities feel loved and accepted

Our Team

ERIC IRAKOZE, Legal Representative and Program Director

Eric IRAKOZE as a dancer and dramatic performer met Jessica in 2014. He was introduced and shared on the Love Care’s burden and mission’s approach of dramatic performances and dancing in order to reflect abilities and capabilities of people hearing and sight disabilities. Jessica’s suggestion complied and conformed with Eric’s concern and burden he had towards people with disability as an idea that derived from how he grew up seeing his father with deaf disabilities, being rejected, stigmatized and neglected not because he was not able but due to his disability. Eric was passionate to care to all people with disabilities and prove to them that they are capable and able and show their families and the community in general that disability is not inability.

LEANDRE HAKIZIMANA, Vice-Legal Representative and Program Facilitator

HAKIZIMANA Leandre was born with crippled disabilities. He experienced a great challenge of being stigmatized and rejected by his family members, at school and in the community in general. For that reason, it caused him to always feel humiliated, self-deprecating and disillusioned with life. Even though it was the case, he developed a great concern towards people with disabilities who are suffering and undergoing the same challenge like him. He fortunately met with Jessica and they joined hands and he became an energetic facilitator given that he was aware of many people with disabilities, especially children in the local communities of Rubavu and Rugerero Sectors. For now, Leandre his teaming up with others to carry out Jessica’s initiated imitative accordingly.

Jessica McCall, Founding Director

Jessica McCall has a heart of gold while taking action when she sees poverty, injustice, or inhumanity, especially to children. Jessica has been a source of hope and support to children and families around the world. She began her humanitarian work with Jessie's Place in the Los Angeles area in 1991, then expanded into Mexico, and eventually shared her love with the children of Rwanda.

Jessica was so moved by a story she saw on television about the work of a philanthropist in Rwanda, Mrs. Carr, that she used all her resources to travel there. In 2005, Jessica moved the Jessie's Place operations to Gisenyi, Rwanda. In partnership with other respected organizations working in the area, Jessie's Place has served thousands of individuals living with physical and mental challenges, and assisted parents with challenged children. For a decade, Jessica stayed in Gisenyi for lengthy visits. In 2014 she made Rwanda her home. In this very year she established a new initiative of serving children with disabilities and their parents as well, in a country side / Rubavu and Rugerero Sectors neighboring to Gisenyi town. This initiative started as a small branch of Jessie’s Place which later on was legally recognized became Love and Care.

Unfortunately she passed away on 19th of September 2020.


Program Coordinator

TUMBA J. Junior

Organizational Financial Manager


Housekeeper and Hospitality Career


Assistant Housekeeper


Health and Physiotherapy Office

Jean Baptiste NIYIBIZI

Education and Inclusion Officer

Where to Find Us

Rubavu Sector, Rubavu District, Western Province of Rwanda

Contact Us

Email: Loveandcarejyamberemwana@gmail.com

Phone: +250 786 001 514

Whatsapp: +250 786 001 514

Instagram: @jyamberemwana

Facebook: Love and Care - Jyambere Mwana